Enterprise Cloud

Highly available cloud service optimized for enterprises

Secure cloud services optimized for corporate workload

Samsung SDS offers fast scaling and efficient usage of IT resources while maintaining business continuity. Enjoy reliable cloud environments suited for your business purpose without security concern.

Major Services

Highly available clouds for various business workloads

  • Distinguished support Up to 99.99%




  • Validated services from diverse industries

    Samsung SDS provides more than 200 basic services in validated areas of compute, storage and network with each industry’s business requirements reflected.

  • Most reliable services in Korea

    Sound security environments in all cloud service areas are offered, from business applications and data encryption to user account/access management, firewalls and data center control service.

  • Integrated, easy-to-use management

    New cloud resource application, resource usage, usage prediction/analysis, actual usage estimation/billing and other functions are integrated on the cloud management platform.

  • Availability supported according to system importance

    Availability of cloud systems, OS and DBMS may be set between 99.95% to 99.999% depending on the importance to promise a reasonable level of support.


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Use Cases

SDS cloud service customized for enterprise customers

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