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Engineering Manager, Sam Briesemeister et al.

Co author : Engineering Manager, Sam Briesemeister & Sr.Staff Software Engineer, David Watson & Sr.Staff Software Engineer, Matthew Farina

"Sam" joined the SDS Cloud Native Computing Team in 2017 to focus on driving innovation with software teams, using Kubernetes. He has been working with cloud technology teams to deliver products faster, improve processes and customer experience, for over 10 years. Sam is passionate about building open-source innovation cultures.

"David" started his career at IBM developing cluster filesystems (GPFS), and designing and automating the management of many large High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. He has also worked at Amazon on monitoring, predictive analysis, and visualization of hardware performance and reliability in AWS' worldwide Cloud infrastructure. Now at Samsung, he develops Open Source tools and processes to manage the emergent behavior of Cloud Native applications using Kubernetes.

"Matt" works on the Cloud Native Computing Team at Samsung SDS where he focuses on cloud native applications. He is an author, speaker, and regular contributor to open source. He is a maintainer for multiple open source projects and a leader in the Kubernetes community. Prior to joining Samsung, Matt worked for Hewlett-Packard R&D in the Advanced Technology Group where he was one of the leads for what is now HPE OneSphere. Matt has been developing software for over 25 years.

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