Installed DB

Provide Pre-installed Database Engine on VM

The provisioning of database engine on VM as well as billing/monitoring on Samsung Cloud Platform is simple and easy using a web-based console. Users can configure and manage the installed DBMS on their own based on the operating environment.




Service Architecture

Users - Apply for Service → Console(Virtual Server + DBMS) → Vertual Server
    Virtual Server
  • DBMS
  • Guest OS
  • Virtualization(Hypervisor): CPU, Memory, Network Interface, Storage

Key Features

  • Provided DB

    - RDB : CUBRID
    - NoSQL DB : Cassandra

  • Easy creation/management

    - Select VM based on the required spec
    - Provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based, pre-installed DBMS image

  • Storage and network connection

    - Provide attached storage besides OS disk
    - Subnet/IP configuration (Up to three local subnet)
    - Enable/disable NAT IP setting
    - Provide integration setting for Security Group


    • Billing
    • Without contract : Hourly billing for the actual usage according to the on/off status of VM
    • With contract : Discount applied according to contract terms (Either 1 year or 3 years)
      Fixed monthly charges for the amount of requested resources
        ※ Penalty is charged for early termination within the contract period
    • Basic offering and add-on options
    • Basic offering : OS S/W, 100GB for OS installation disk, and 1 public IP
    • Additional charges for add-on offering/options, including Reserved IP
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