Global Supply Chain

We provide tailored 4PL services, including logistics, consulting, and innovation activities, based on the global network and latest IT technologies.

We innovate your logistics by offering comprehensive services that cover all areas of logistics, including air/ocean/rail/land transport, warehousing & customs clearance, assessment & consulting, industry-specific strategy development as well as tech-driven value-added services.

Key Features

  1. 24/7 Global risk management
    As our Global Control Center (GCC) is equipped with advanced IT infrastructure, platform, and experts, we can monitor your shipment status 24/7 and mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions.
  2. IT-driven 4PL services
    Based on our IT capabilities and experts’ experiences and know-how, we provide 4PL services, including tailored consulting, logistics innovation activities and more.
  3. End-to-end comprehensive logistics services
    We offer end-to-end services, covering all areas of logistics, including international transport, inland transport, warehouse management, Last-Mile Delivery (LMD), and Value-Added Service (VAS).
  4. Easy deployment based on a single platform
    Our self-developed platform, Cello, enables us to respond quickly and effectively to incidents and makes it easy to share new technologies and services across the globe.

Key Services

Comprehensive Logistics Outsourcing

By outsourcing all logistics operations of our customers, our global sites become more connected, creating synergies. In addition, a single contact point enables a more efficient logistics management.

Logistics Assessment & Consulting

With the assessment toolkit created based on our experience and know-how in global logistics operations, we analyze/assess your entire logistics processes and systems and produce solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Activities for Innovation

Our experts optimize operations, build strategic plans based on product characteristics, and provide value-added services to help grow your business through innovative logistics.

Global Risk Management

Our Global Control Center (GCC) monitors your shipments and tracks them in real time by transport mode. When abnormal issues occur, we activate our Global Control Tower (GCT) to respond quickly and minimize disruptions, ensuring reliable logistics services.

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