IAM (Identity and Access Management)

An Enterprise-level Identity Authentication and Access Permissions Management Service

IAM is a service that authenticates Samsung Cloud Platform users and limits their access to only certain sets of products/services in a project through the ermissiongranting process. A project manager can manage users, authorization groups, policies and roles, and a dashboard provides insights on permission events within a project and helps take action.




Service Architecture

User → Login → Samsung Cloud Platform ← Admin → Permission → User Group
    Samsung Cloud Platform
  • Authenticatoin, Authorization
  • Project A : Policy, Group, Role, Resources
  • Project B : Policy, Group, Role, Resources

Key Features

  • Sign-up and security credential

    - Sign up through additional authentication and enable MFA during login
    - Block unauthorized access attempts based on authentication key and access control

  • Permissions management by group

    - Set up a project-based user authorization group and assign policies
    - Simplified management with user mapping by authorization group and policy mapping

  • Access control policy

    - Detailed management of job types by product and access rights by individual resources
    - Policy-based access control, access control by applying authentication

  • Create and switch roles

    - Configure role principals for project and SRN (SCP Resource Number)
    - Enhance security by assigning temporary credential through role switching


    • Billing
    • Free of charge
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