Logging & Audit

Collection and Analysis of User Activity History

Logging & Audit stores all activities of users to track changes, resolve issues, and test security of cloud resources. Without additional setting, the activities of the past 90 days are logged and various search functions offer log analysis and efficient log management.




Service Architecture

  1. User
  2. View
  3. For 90 Days (Console → logs)
  4. Filtering → Trail 1, Trail 2, Trail 3 → User Object Storage

    Store logs from user-selected products and accountsin Object Storage (storage period undetermined)

  1. User
  2. User Console → VM, Storage, Load Balancer, ...,Sign Up, Sign In/Out, Create/Delete Project, ...
  3. Open API → VM, Storage, Load Balancer, ..., Sign Up, Sign In/Out, Create/Delete Project, ..., System Job, ...
  1. System and Batch → ... , ..., ...

Key Features

  • Activity Viewing

    - Store activity logs for 90 days without additional setting (time, resource type, resource name, worker name, etc.)
    - View activity history filtering (resource type, resource name, period, task result, worker name, and path)

  • Trail creation

    - Select products and accounts for logging
    - Select Object Storage location to store logs

  • Trail management

    - View/Manage the list and detailed information of created trails
    - Deactivate logging and edit/delete items with trail setting


    • Billing
    • Activity viewing is a free service
    • User-created trails are charged by the log
      * Object Storage for storing logs is charged additionally (according to Object Storage pricing)
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