Nexplant MES

Leverage Samsung's manufacturing expertise to respond faster to the market

The Samsung Manufacturing Advantage

Samsung has been at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing technologies for decades. Lean on our 30 years of experience to optimize your entire manufacturing process to cut development lead times, boost productivity, and improve product quality standards. Give your manufacturing facility the agility it needs to quickly respond to production changes and minimize loss from upgrades and retooling.


Rapid market response is possible with optimized manufacturing information management and control solutions

  • Full automation 15% Improving productivity
  • Set-up time for product model change 50% Reduced
  • Standardized interface and control for equipment 40% Reduced TAT (Turn Around Time)





  • Schedule & dispatch system

    Creates an optimized production schedule for work orders and dispatches to select equipment in real time and achieve the highest level of productivity.

  • Manufacturing operation

    Manages resources and processes to meet production standards, while tracking and tracing products to oversee performance and productivity of each production line.

  • Equipment engineering

    Collects and processes data from the manufacturing process to enhance product yield and equipment efficiency.

  • Machine control

    Automatically collects and standardizes equipment data, automating the production facility with remote equipment control.

  • Materials control

    Creates the optimal route for materials to minimize movement time on carriers in fully automated manufacturing facilities.

Case Studies

Awards & Recognition

Samsung SDS acknowledged by global experts

Use Cases


    Recommended Specification
    • Operating System

      IBM, SUN, HP, Linux, Windows (Java 1.6, .NET 4.0)

    • Database

      Oracle, SQL-Server, DB2, MySQL

    • Middleware

      TIB Rendezvous, Highway 101, various language support

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