Cloud LAN - Data Center

Provide Various Network Access Environments Using an SDN-based Network Infrastructure at Datacenters

Using an Software-Defined Data Center(SDDC)-based shared network infrastructure at data center in an Samsung Cloud Platform region or on-premises data center, Cloud LAN-Data Center provides networking services of various types such as internet connection, internal network connection, connection between Samsung Cloud Platform resources and enterprise server network, and connectivity with network security hardware.




Service Architecture

Samsung Cloud Platform Region or Customer Datacenter Cloud, Interner network, Internet
Cloud LAN-Data Center - Customer Customer Private Network(Cloud LAN N/W) : Firewall - Compute, Service, Appliance

Key Features

  • Logically separated private network
    1. Cloud LAN Network offers logically separated private network space to customers in the Cloud LAN-Data Center infra
  • Provided network functions for Cloud LAN Network
    1. vRouter : Virtual resource for dedicated circuit connection (L2, L3)
    2. vSwitch : Virtual resource for Appliance connection and VLAN provision
    3. vFirewall : Virtual firewall for infrastructure protection created in Cloud LAN Data Center
    4. vCable : 1:1 virtual connection between virtual resources
    5. vCore : Full-mesh virtual connection between virtual resources


    • Billing
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