Direct Connect

Secure and Rapid Connection between Customer Network and Samsung Cloud Platform

Direct Connect fast and safely connects customer networks to the networks of Samsung Cloud Platform, offering scalability of the cloud in on-premises environments. Users may easily create and control routing and firewalls in the connected area to secure network configuration with robust security.




Service Architecture

  • Costomer Network → Direct Connect → VPC Peering → VM, VM ... → VPC1
  • Internet → Internet Gateway → VPC Peering → VM, VM ... → VPC2

Key Features

  • Direct Connect creation

    - Create/Edit/Delete Direct Connect
    - Apply for Uplink network connection of customers
    ※ Uplink network connection at a customer site is configured manually after receiving SR and the router at the customer site must support BGP routing protocol.

  • Direct Connect and VPC connections

    - Select a single VPC to connect to customer network
    - Provide Direct Connect Firewalls
    - Offer route setting feature


    • Billing
    • Port usage : Fixed monthly rate (1G as default)
    • Date transfer charge : Charge by GB of outbound traffic for connection between
      VPC and Direct Connect
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