Global CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Delivers Content Securely and Quickly Using Global CDN Infrastructure

Using edge servers distributed around the world, Global CDN ensures safe and fast delivery of static content stored on a web server or object storage for end users. In addition, it protects the origin server by distributing load during traffic surges, while at the same time provide a fast, reliable web services by downloading content from nearby edge server.




Service Architecture

    • Samsung Cloud Platform
      Origin Server (VM/VPC) - DMS - Object Storage
  • Samsung Cloud Platform → Internet → Global CDN → (Caching) → (Multiple) Edge Server → User

Key Features

  • Configuration for the origin server/content

    - Configure the location and route of the origin server
    - Configure cache key to check the validity of the origin content
    - Compression of origin content results in less traffic and faster response

  • Configuration for caching

    - Configure cached content policy and cache expiration time
    - Once the content expires (reaches the TTL), purge the content cached on the edge server

  • Contents protection

    - Communication with the origin server using HTTPS protocol makes the content communication path more secure
    - Robust security feature of Global CDN guard the contents and user against DDoS/web-based attacks


    • Billing
    • Combined monthly price for CDN service
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