Security Group

Virtual Firewall Controlling VM Traffic

Security Group is a virtual logical firewall that controls inbound/outbound traffic generated from virtual servers in the cloud. The virtual network environments can be securely protected by filtering out unauthorized traffic based on allow rules on the traffic generated on VM.




Service Architecture

  • Internet → VPC Firewall → Security Group - VM1 / Security Group - VM2 → VPC-1
  • Internet → VPC Firewall → Security Group - VM1 / Security Group - VM2 → VPC-2

Key Features

  • Security Group creation

    - Distributed firewall (logical firewalls that control communications between VM within VPC)
    - Create Security Group to be used in virtual servers, GPU servers, Auto-Scaling groups, Database, Elasticsearch, and Kubernetes Engine
    - Resources that use Security Group reusable in various resources by setting source IP for inbound traffic and destination IP for outbound

  • Rule setting for Security Group

    - Source/destination IP setting, protocol/port setting, and inbound/outbound setting
    - Rules applied in scale (IP/ports applied to various addresses using ',’ and '-‘)
    - 100 policies allowed per Security Group

  • Allow/deny log storage

    - Select log saving when creating a Security Group and set storage option by selecting Object Storage within same project
    - Save source/destination IPs, ports, and allow/deny status by time


    • Metering
    • Security Group service is available for free
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