VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Independent Virtual Network Space

VPC service offers logically separated virtual network space in the cloud. Multiple VPC can be created according to purposes and operated independently from other user groups. Standard VPC allows both the Internet and internal network connections, whereas Dedicated VPC is reserved for the customer’s internal network access.




Service Architecture

  • Internet → NAT → VPC Firewall → Security Group → Subnet - VM, VM ... / Security Group → Customer's Subnet : VM, VM ... → Standard VPC
  • Internet → NAT → VPC Firewall → Direct Connect → Customer’s Internal Network → NAT → VPC Firewall → Security Group → Customer’s Subnet - VM, VM ... / Security Group → Customer’s Subnet - VM, VM ... → Dedicated VPC

Key Features

  • VPC creation

    - Standard VPC : Standard offering (Internet connection and customer’s internal network via Direct Connect)
    - Dedicated VPC : Specialized offering for the customer (no Internet connection; customer’s internal network only)
    - NAT (Network Address Translation) is provided for Internet communications of resources within Standard VPC (use Direct Connect or communicate without NAT on internal network of Dedicated VPC)

  • Subnet creation

    - Create a subnet, the smallest logical network group, within VPC (verify and cross-check IP block validity)
    - Communications among subnets within VPC is available without additional setting

  • IP address assignment

    - Automatically assign with DHCP method; manual IP address input available if needed
    (customer’s subnet IP also available)

  • VPC Firewall

    - VPC Gateway Firewall (logical firewalls protecting inside of VPC)
    - 1,000 policies provided free of charge by combining VPC firewall policies within project


    • Billing
    • Charge for outbound Internet traffic generated in VPC (TBD)
    • Charge by hour for using reserved IPs that are reserved for static public IP addresses
    • Metering
    • Estimate accumulated outbound Internet traffic generated in VPC in GB (TBD)
    • Estimate accumulated time of use (by minute) from requesting to cancelling reserved IPs
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