Samsung SDS Presents Strategies for Cloud-based Digital Transformation

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Samsung SDS DT Cube

+ To share reasons behind digital transformation failures and how to overcome such failures at “REAL 2021”
+ To introduce strategies and underlying technologies of Samsung SDS Cloud under the theme of “Business Innovation Led by Cloud”

On September 8, Samsung SDS kicked off “REAL 2021,” a two-day online conference held to share success strategies and exemplary cases under the theme of “Cloud-based Digital Transformation as a Service.”

Marking its 3rd year, REAL 2021 conference that was held online received pre-registration from over 8,000 participants including clients and industry officials, who showed great interest in digital transformation (DT).

In his keynote address, Stanley Kang, Executive Vice President and Leader of IT Innovation Business Division at Samsung SDS, presented the four reasons why companies' attempts of DT fail and set forth “Cloud-based Digital Transformation as a Service” as a practical strategy to succeed in DT.

Moreover, Samsung SDS unveiled “DT Cube” which represents various methodologies in three-dimensions for achieving DT in the cloud environment, stressing that the company will develop it to a platform level in the years to come.

In the following sessions, speakers introduced the case of ABL Life Insurance which brought innovation to its work process by applying the design thinking methodology that seeks creative solutions through intuitive and analytic thinking, as well as the case on the digital R&D of Samsung Bespoke which enhanced production efficiency by swiftly reflecting to the product design the opinions of customers who had experienced virtual products made with 3D technology in the product planning stage.

In addition, there were presentations about the case of DB Insurance that is offering innovative customer experiences, such as the real-time “roboteller” customer service operator, through the setup of the AI-based smart contact center, and about the changes in the way Samsung SDS works in the age of the contactless economy.

On the 9th, Scott HJ Koo, Executive Vice President and Leader of Cloud Business Division at Samsung SDS, will open the event with his keynote speech titled “Business Innovation Led by Cloud,” which will be followed by presentations on the key success factors of Managed Service Provider (MSP) seen through customer examples, the introduction of DevOps which simultaneously executes and combines system development and operations, and the measures to strengthen cloud security.

Also, experts of Samsung SDS will share various business innovation cases in details including the implementation of enterprise digital transformation, strategies to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the age of the cloud, innovative ideas for DT in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and SCM platform strategies, and the case on intelligent logistics automation.

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