Samsung SDS Announces 2022 Executive Promotions

On December 9, Samsung SDS newly appointed 6 executive vice presidents(EVP) and 10 vice presidents(VP).

Samsung SDS promoted talented individuals who have achieved success in each field in order to actively respond to the movement of IT business to cloud and discover future growth engines in the rapidly changing IT market.

Those with IT expertise such as AI, cloud, security, and digital logistics and those who achieved outstanding business results in each industry were promoted.

Samsung SDS promoted two people in their 40s to vice presidents to nurture the next generation of young leaders who will take on new challenges for the future and lead new innovations. The company plans to further strengthen IT leadership and business competitiveness by promoting talented people, including two women, who will lead the company’s growth.

[ 2022 Executive Promotions ]

▲ SVP → EVP (6)

Youngjune Gwon, Hodong Seo, Jaejoon Ork, Eunjoo Lee, Jeongheon Lee, Jongcheel Im

▲ CL4 → VP (10)
Moonjin Kim, Changmin Kim, Hyunsung Kim, Hyun Noh, Kwanghyun Park, Sokhwan Park, Insup Um, Allison H Im, Kichul Jung, Sunny Hong