Samsung SDS Expands Global Logistics Business with Digital Logistics Service “Cello Square”

Cello Square Conference 2022 SAMSUNG SDS

+ Cello Square starts service in China
+ Offers logistics products exclusive for e-commerce business including consulting and fulfillment service
+ To provide IT-specialized logistics service with AI-based RPA and AI analytics service

On May 11, Samsung SDS held the “Cello Square Conference 2022” and announced the opening of the digital logistics service “Cello Square” in China this month.

With this, not only Korean companies but also Chinese companies can now use Cello Square to manage the entire logistics process from quotation and contract to shipping, tracking, and account settlement with ease.

At the conference, Samsung SDS stated that it will expand the Cello Square service in the global market and introduced key features of the service, including the logistics consulting/fulfillment service, enhanced user convenience, and IT-specialized services deploying AI technology.

Cello Square provides logistics products exclusive to e-commerce businesses that can meet the various demands of sellers, such as the consulting service for reducing logistics costs and fulfillment service for raising logistics efficiency through small-sized packaging of freight and management of returned goods.

In addition, users can easily search the quotation for each route, shipment status, and delivery issues of their freight through the Cello Square service. What’s more is that Amazon sellers can also use the inventory management function of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) on Cello Square, leading to the offering of a wide range of logistics information and user convenience.

Also at the conference, Samsung SDS introduced its IT-specialized logistics services, including the service that issues various kinds of documents like tax invoices and automates logistics tracking by using the AI-based work automation solution “Brity RPA,” and the service which accurately provides the expected arrival date of ships to shippers by forecasting the level of congestion at the arrival port through big data analytics platform “Brightics.”

Kooil Oh, Executive Vice President and Leader of Logistics Business Division at Samsung SDS, stressed that “Samsung SDS will continuously upgrade Cello Square with IT technology and expand global platform logistics projects.”