[Press Release] Samsung SDS Launches Korea's First Wi-Fi Integrated IoT Smart Door Lock


- Built-in low-power Wi-Fi chip with double battery life
- Enhanced security and convenience, including the sending of real-time push notifications.
- Internationally recognized such as being awarded the best Smart Home Innovation Award at the Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo

Samsung SDS (CEO: Won-Pyo Hong, www.samsungsds.com) launched the first Wi-Fi integrated IoT smart door lock (SHP-DR900) in Korea and overseas at the same time.

The SHP-DR900 has a built-in low-power Wi-Fi chip with double battery life that is always connected to the indoor wireless router, which allows it to send real-time push notifications regarding door status and attempts at entry. Users can open the door remotely from their smartphone when family members or other relatives visit, and they can also check the entire entry and exit history.

The way the doors open has also evolved. When someone leaves the house, the door lock sensor detects the movement and distance of the person and automatically unlocks if the person gently places their hand on the door handle, making for a smooth and convenient user experience.

Samsung SDS has applied its own security technology to enhance security such as preventing leakage of information and hacking. The technology used is S-WBC (Samsung SDS - White Box Cryptography), which encrypts the data stored in the door lock with Samsung SDS's own algorithms, and SEAL (Samsung SDS - Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer), which encrypts data transmitted from smartphones.

Using a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor, fingerprints are recognized quickly and accurately, and convenience has also been enhanced as the user can mainly use their voice to control the door lock’s functions.

This product was awarded the Gold Prize (1st place) Smart Home Innovation Award at the 17th Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo, where international companies exhibited their products and solutions related to smart home, smart city, and smart life.

Sean Im, Senior Vice President of the Solutions Business Division at Samsung SDS shared in a communiqué, "We have been leading the industry with differentiated products, such as the world's first door lock touch pad and push-pull lock." He continued, "With this Wi-Fi integrated IoT smart door lock release system, we will further strengthen our position in the global premium door lock market."

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