End of Technical Support for Nexplant Safety



1. Technical Support End Policy

This Technical Support End Policy (hereafter “Policy”) is effective as of April 3, 2020, and applies to all Nexplant Safety software and related products (hereafter "Product"), which defines the end date of technical support provided after sales.
The term “Product” applies to a specific product version or to the entire product group or product line.
The policy defined here replaces or supersedes all previous versions of policies relating to the termination of technical support.
Samsung SDS has the right to revise the policy itself or the end date of technical support for Product when needed at its sole discretion and will publish, at any time, the termination plan with dates, Product list, and other necessary and useful information.

(1) Date for End of Sales (EoS)
- Sales of new license or additional license for existing customers will be terminated from the date applicable (EoS date).
(2) Date for End of Technical Support (EoTS)
- The technical support for Product will be terminated from the date applicable (EoTS date).
- Existing customers can continue to use Product, but any types of technical support including new patch, upgrade, etc. will not be provided from this date on.

2. Plan for the termination of technical support (Nexplant Safety)

Product Table
Product, Ver, End Dates, Remarks
Product Ver. End Dates Remarks
Nexplant Safety (S/W) v1.0 '20.04.03 '21.04.02 If you are currently on a maintenance contract, please contact your sales representative for details.