Brightics IoT BMS End of Technical support Policy



1. Abstract

This End of Technical support Policy ("Policy") , that starting November 12, 2019, applies to all Brightics IoT BMS software products. This Policy defines the final date of the technical support of specific version of S/W.
The term "Product" applies to a product line as a whole or a specific product version. This Policy supersedes all previous versions of the End of Technical support Policy.
Brightics IoT BMS reserves the right to modify this Policy and corresponding End of Technical support table, and will post at any time the latest EOTS dates, product listings by product family and other helpful Lifecycle management information on

2. Brightics IoT BMS Technical support Period

Technical support end date calculation method is to calculate the end date of the technical support for the old version when a new version is released. For example, For example, when the new version of v2.2 is released, the old version of v2.1 will be calculated from that point and will end sales three months later, and after sixty months later, no technical support of any kind will be provided for the old version v2.1. It is strongly recommended that your software is upgraded to the latest version released.

■ Key Milestone Dates

- GA date is a date of announcement of new version.
- GA date may be the basic date for calculating the end date of technical support for the previous version.
- GA date may also be a date to decide to discontinue a Brightics IoT product line entirely.
- The EOS date occurs ‘3' months after the GA date of subsequent release
- It is the final date to purchase new licenses of the previous version.
- The EOTS date is generally the final date that Technical Support is provided for the previous versions (noted as ‘60’ months).
- After that date, no technical support of any kind will be provided for that version.
- It is strongly recommended that Brightics IoT BMS is upgraded to the latest version released.

3. End Of Life(EOL) Policy for Hardware

Hardware products (including controller) may be discontinued due to external factors, such as discontinuation of parts, without regards to the software EoTS(End of Technical Support).
To learn more about hardware EOL, please contact your sales representative.

4. End of Technical support plan

상품 관련 안내 표
상품 버전, 출시, 판매/기술지원 종료계획 및 비고
Product Ver. Release End of technical support plan Remarks
Brightics IoT BMS v1.0* '15.02 '19.11.12 '20.05.12 Please contact your sales representative for details, if you are currently on a technical support contract.
v2.0** '16.07 '19.11.12 '24.03.31
v2.5 '19.03 - -

* BMS v1.0 includes ControlCity v6.2 or less
** BMS v2.0 includes ControlCity-NX