Nexshop Omni-Channel

A one stop mobile service at your fingertips

Innovate customer experiences

Nexshop Omni-Channel provides differentiated customer experience based on integrated product information whether online or off. It also improves store operation efficiency through optimized promotion execution and analysis.

Major Services

  • Mobile-based on/offline integration provides unique customer experience and supports promotions based on data analysis





  • Clienteling

    Differentiated customer experience by checking on/offline product and promotion information in real time via mobile devices.

  • Improve sales process

    Leverage mobile-based sales support solutions to simplify in-store sales processes and increase store efficiency.

  • Promotion Management

    Provide information for efficient promotion through data-driven promotion design, execution and performance analysis.

  • Sales data analysis

    Analyze inventory, sales, customers, and promotional performance data to assess store performance and support optimal store operations.

Analyst Reports

  • Nexshop seeks to empower retailers to pursue a data-driven approach to optimize personalization and provide better shopping experiences

    Analyst Jaideep Thyagarajan, IDC Solution Highlight



Use Cases


    Recommended specifications
    • Mobile Device

      - OS : Android 4.4(kit kat) or higher
      - Resolution : 2560*1600, 1280*800
      (Recommanded : Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab or higher)

    • Browser

      - Chrome

    • On-Premises

      - Server : CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor 12 core 2 EA
      - Memory 32 GB, NIC 1G TX 4 port 2 EA, HBA 8Gbps dual-port 2 EA
      - OS : Windows or Linux (Cent OS 6.6)

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