Open Cloud

Cloud service optimized for customers in need of public clouds

Flexible cloud service for your business at reasonable prices

Business customization service promises easier and more intuitive cloud usage. Manage the entire process yourself from resource application to configuration, usage and termination.

Major Services

  • Supporting easy creation/deployment of resources & management of usage process and reasonable pricing model that pays for what you use




  • Provide cloud platform that is easy to use

    It is possible to create and deploy easy, convenient and necessary resources through DCD (data center design), the unique platform to manage clouds.
    Users can use clouds in convenient manners by using REST API for automation and through DevOps community's SDK, tutorial and best practices.

  • Simple & inexpensive cost table

    Simple pricing models with 4 price parameters based on use volume (vCore, Memory, Storage, Traffic), it is possible to calculate and reduce the cost for clients in convenient manners.


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Use Cases

Samsung SDS cloud service that is easy to use

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