Quick Query

An Interactive Query Service that Quickly Analyzes Data Stored on Object Storage

Quick Query is an interactive query service that uses standard SQL to analyze large sets of data with ease. Accessing various data sources such as Object Storage, Hadoop, and RDB is easy, and it offers compatibility with various/different standard data formats. MPP(Massively Parallel Processing)-based query engine also ensures fast processing of data.




Service Architecture

  • User → Request/Distribute Products → Quick Query ← Process Data ← Data Engineer
  • Manage Permissions (Apache Ranger) → Quick Query → Save Results → Object Storage
  • Data Source Hooking → Quick Query → Save Results → Object Storage
Quick Query
  • Trino Coordinator
  • Trino Worker
  • Hive Metastore
  • Query Runner
  • Metadata Database
Data Source
  • RDB (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL, MySQL, etc.)
  • Hadoop
  • File
  • Object Storage

Key Features

  • Support various data sources

    - Object Storage, HDFS, Hive, RDB(PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL, MySQL, etc.), File

  • Compatible with standard data formats

    - CSV, JSON, ORC, Avro, Parquet, etc.

  • Simple data management

    - Check query history : Query execution results, execution information, query execution history
    - Save and manage query statements entered in Query Editor
    - Users enter/execute query and check/download results


    • Billing
    • Charged by the amount of data used by Quick Query
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