Safety&Health Policy

At Samsung SDS, establishing a healthy company that provides a safe working environment is our first core value and by conducting all our businesses with respect for people and nature, wherever we operate, we will contribute to enriching as well as protecting lives

1. Comply with laws and regulations, domestically and internationally by:
  • Complying with safety and health-related laws and policies, establishing and practicing reinforced internal management criteria, and fulfilling social responsibilities and meeting ethical expectations as a trustworthy company.
2. Create a safe and pleasant workplace by:
  • Providing financial and technical support to eliminate hazards in workplaces, and continuously reviewing and improving safety & health management activities in order to contribute to improving the health and quality of life of employees.
3. Manage safety and health at global level by:
  • Establishing a safety & health management system at international level, setting safety & health targets and specific goals that are applied across all businesses, and making continuous efforts to enhance the level of safety and health.
4. . Build a culture that values safety and health by:
  • Improving safety & health awareness of all employees, suppliers and stakeholders via continued training and communication, and creating a culture where everyone voluntarily engages in safety and health management activities.
5. Promote activities to prevent fatal occupational/ civil accidents by:
  • Proactively conducting safety education/ training and accident prevention activities where all employees take part in with the aim to prevent fatal occupational or civil accidents on industrial sites.

※ This safety and health management policy is communicated to everyone internally and externally, along with the performance of activities carried out across businesses. Safety and health management activities will continuously be reviewed and improved, building on the technology skills and capabilities of our employees as well as partner companies.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001)

A system that efficiently distributes ㆍmanages material and human resources within a company with the participation of stakeholders in order to prevent industrial accidents and to create and maintain an optimal working environment

Rewards for discovering hazardous risk factors

With full participation from all employees, report various risk factors in the workplace, quickly verify and eliminate them. Implement a reward system for exemplary cases(SIREN).
※ SIREN : SDS Innovative Risk Excavation & Notification