Safety&Health Policy

SamsungSDS regards realization of safe workplace and evironment-friendly management as the top priority values. Respecting people and nature in all business areas, SamsungSDS contributes to the prosperous life of mankind and the preservation of the environment.

1. Domestic and international compliance
  • Observe the domestic and international laws and agreements related to safety and environment, establish and practice more strict internal criteria, and make every effort to fulfill any social and ethical responsibilities as a trustworthy ICT enterprise.
2. Implementation of safe and pleasant workplace
  • Provide financial and technical support to eliminate hazards in workplaces, and continuously review and improve safety environment management activities in order to contribute to the improvement of employees’ health and quality of life.
3. Global level of safety environment management
  • Establish a global level of safety environment management system, define the safety environment targets and detailed goals, and make continuous effort to enhance the level of safety environment.
4. Creation of a culture that values safety environment
  • Through continued training and communication, improve the awareness of all employees, suppliers, and other interested parties about a safe environment to create a culture where everyone voluntarily joins the safety environment management activities.
5. Preventive activities that will lead to 'Zero' fatal occupational or civil accidents
  • With full participation from all employees, carry out safety education, training and preventive activities at industrial sites to achieve our safety and health goal, 'Zero' fatal accidents.

※ Announce the above safety and health policy and the performance of each field internally and externally.
    Unify it with all technology and competencies possessed by executives, employees and partner companies.
    Continue to develop enviornmental saftey management activities.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001)

A system that efficiently distributes ㆍmanages material and human resources within a company with the participation of stakeholders in order to prevent industrial accidents and to create and maintain an optimal working environment

Rewards for discovering hazardous risk factors

With full participation from all employees, report various risk factors in the workplace, quickly verify and eliminate them. Implement a reward system for exemplary cases(SIREN).
※ SIREN : SDS Innovative Risk Excavation & Notification