IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

Real-time Detection and Prevention for Intrusions in Homepage Server & Application Server

IPS provides real-time defense mechanisms by continuously updating intrusion detection policies that keep up with the countermeasure against the latest security threats.
With packet monitoring, IPS can detect at the application layer and monitor for suspicious traffic and application manipulation patterns.




Service Architecture

Samsung Cloud Platform
  • Security Zone(Multi-AZ) : DDoS Protection → Virtualization ( Secured Firewall → IPS: Hacking/Attacks, Detection/Response ) → WAF
  • service Pool : VPC ( WAF → disc )
  • Real-time Monitoring : 24/7 Security Monitoring → IPS
  • ※WAF service is optionally available for separate purchase.
Malicious Code → Hacking Attacks → Samsung Cloud Platform Legitimate service user → Samsung Cloud Platform's DDoS Protection Malicious Code → Hacking Attacks → Samsung Cloud Platform

Key Features

  • Intrusion detection and analysis

    - 24/7 event monitoring
    - Common rule-based detection and correlation-based detection pattern management
    - Raw data based in-depth analysis
    - Detailed logs for incident analysis support in the event of intrusions

  • Intrusion prevention

    - Latest threat detection pattern updates reflecting security trend information
    - Detection pattern optimized for effective real-time event response

  • Monitoring information

    - Alert raising in the event of event detection
    - Monthly reports on alert trend, alert list, etc.


    • To be provided in the 2'nd half of 2023
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