SRE Operation

Higher productivity from automated application-infrastructure deployment and collaboration between Dev-DevOps teams

Innovate development/operation productivity with Samsung SDS SRE service

Good collaboration systems for global development and shorter service launch cycles are crucial to quickly accommodate global market changes. Samsung SDS offers solutions to address these issues by taking full advantage of cloud-based environments. With SRE services, enjoy system implementation of automated deployment technologies, global standard collaboration tools as well as innovation throughout the overall development/operation process.

Major Services

Faster product release and TCO reduction enabled by automated deployment and real-time collaboration

  • System work input Zero Automation and real-time collaboration
  • Application deployment time 14 days → 2 days
  • 3,000+ Validated DevOps codes




  • Customized SRE toolchain

    SRE toolchain is implemented using various automations tools that are already in use or have been reviewed.

  • Agile SRE platform

    Platform advancement will be supported by reviewing and designing SRE application, creating agile-typed deployment codes after the initial creation of deployment pipeline while repeatedly implementing automatic deployment and tests.

  • Automation of all areas of development/operation

    SRE is usually implemented using automated application code deployment (CI/CD). Samsung SDS offers overall automation from development to operation, enabled by automated deployment of operational tools such as infrastructure, SW and monitoring.
    ※ CI/CD: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

  • DevOps codes validated by Samsung SDS

    Samsung SDS has secured more than 3,000 validate DevOps codes from various projects. These codes help quickly establish standardized high quality SRE platforms.




Use Cases

Samsung SDS SRE Service, validated with use cases

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