Data Backup and Recovery Service

The service offers secure backup of mission-critical business data and data recovery if needed. Many types of backups are supported, such as OS snapshots of Virtual Servers, file system of Bare Metal Servers, online backups of databases, and NAS snapshots. The backup target, path, cycle, period and other plans can be determined according to corporate policy and user environments.




Service Architecture

  • VM - Image Backup (OS+Data) - NW → Object Storage Images
  • BM - Agent-installed Backup NW (File System) - NW → Object Storage Images
  • DB - On-line Backup (Data+Arch) - NW → Object Storage Images
File Storage
NAS Volume → Snapshot Images

Key Features

  • Backup plan development

    - Select servers to be backed up from backup media (Object Storage)
    - Select location of backup storage path (directory) and storage period (2/4 weeks, 3/6 months, 1 year)
    - Set backup cycles (daily, weekly, monthly or custom)
    - Set backup time (custom, immediately)

  • Backup types according to target

    - Virtual Servers : Image backup (OS and Data snapshots)
    - Database : Online backup (data) and archive backup
    · RDB (7 systems) : EPAS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MS SQL, Tibero, Vertica
    · NoSQL (2 systems) : Redis and Elasticsearch
    - NAS : Snapshot image backup (stored within File Storage)

  • Recovery

    - Select data to be recovered (VM, DB, NAS)
    - Conduct point-in-time recovery of data (select from executed backup versions)
    - Monitor recovery status (normal or failure)

  • Save backups to DR center

    - Store VM image/snapshot/backup on backup storage in the same region as the original
    - Use DR option, the backup copies are stored on DR storage in different regions from the original (additional charges incurred)


    • Billing
    • The amount of average monthly backup data stored (GB) x unit price
        ※ Pricing for backup storage applies based on the original data volume of source
    • Metering standard
    • Storage usage : The amount of backup data stored
    • Discount rates applied according to the usage
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