Block Storage

Storage for Large Data Processing and DB Workload

Block Storage stores data in fixed-size blocks of pre-determined arrays and assigns directly to servers. This highly available storage service is suitable for application environments that require high capacity data, such as database and email servers. High performance storage is available depending on the required level of performance. Backup policy with redundancy and failure recovery system enable reliable service without any data losses.




Architecture Diagram

VM Architecture
Block Storage → Hypervisor → each VM
BM Architecture
Block Storage → (Multi-Attatch) each BM

※ Block storage in SCP Sovereign cloud does not provide BM.

Key Features

  • User volume creation

    - Create/ connect/ expand/ delete user volume on created VM easily
    - Set types and scales of assigned block storage
    - 100GB in the basic OS space

  • Encryption by volume

    - Protect customer's valuable information safely

  • Multi-Attach function

    - Able to access files in the same space from multiple servers when using cluster files or file sharing systems

  • Storage management

    - Storage management : Disk/storage usage management, storage change analysis and review, etc.
    - Availability management : Storage utilization rate management, etc.

  • Storage monitoring

    - Monitor storage performance (read/write IO), estimate usage and view bills
    - Set notifications for storage shortages (e.g. a 'Warning' status notification when 80% of assigned storage is in use and 'Critical' when 90% is in use)


    • Billing
    • Charged by the usable storage (usable storage (GB) x unit price)
    • Monthly billing based on the combined number of days using storage
    • Metering standard
    • Usable storage : Storage requested by the user on the screen
    • Discount rates applied according to the usage
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