File Storage

Storage with Multiple Clients Sharing Files via Network

File Storage grants data access to a heterogeneous group of clients through network. Servers connected to the File Storage volume allow easy storage and sharing of data, supporting applications using multiple servers. The service is available on a range of diverse applications from web content management and repository for entertainment data processing to container storage and big data analysis.




Service Architecture

File Storage
File Storage → NFS / CIFS Protocol → VM

Key Features

  • User volume creation/increase/deletion

    - Select protocol based on OS type of the client’s VM (CIFS for Windows/Unix, NFS for Linux)
    - Set directory to connect to user volume and access control for the volume

  • Snapshot creation and recovery management

    - Instantly create snapshots and edit settings (volume capacity %)
    - Set cycles for automatic snapshot creation (Daily : units of hours, weekly : at a specific time)

  • DR replication

    - Manage sync policies (temporary suspension, synchronization, and reverse synchronization)
    - Manage sync cycles (5 min, 1 hour, daily, weekly, Monthly)

  • Encryption by volume (VM-NAS)

    - Protect customer's valuable data safely

  • Provide NAS optimized for high-performance workload

    -Provide NAS that can be connected to Bare Metal Server and GPU Bare Metal Server

  • Storage monitoring

    - Monitor storage performance (read/write IO), estimate usage and view bills
    - Set notifications for storage shortages (e.g. a ‘Warning’ status notification when 80% of assigned storage is in use and ‘Critical’ when 90% is in use)


    • Billing
    • Charged by the usable storage (usable storage (GB) x unit price)
    • Monthly billing based on the combined number of days using storage
    • Metering standard
    • Usable storage : Storage requested by the user on the screen
    • Discount rates applied according to the usage
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