Samsung SDS, participates in charity event of making Kimchi for neighbors in need


+ Samsung SDS delivers Kimchi to neighbors in need
+ Event held as part of Samsung SDS’s ‘Smart Bridge’ CSR activity

1oo Samsung SDS’s employees including President and CEO Yoosung Chung participated in a charity event of making kimchi for neighbors as part of Samsung SDS’s ‘Smart Bridge’ CSR activity.


This event was held at the Jamsil and Suwon ICT center. The kimchi was delivered to 400 low income families in the Songpa-gu and Yongtong-gu area.

2016 삼성SDS 사랑의 김장 나누기(4)▲ Samsung SDS CEO Yoosung Chung (second person from the right in first picture) and employees making kimchi

An employee participating the event commented that “It was a meaningful event making kimchi and delivering it to neighbors in need.”

김치 전달 사진▲ Samsung SDS CEO Yoosung Chung and employees hand overs the kimchi