"Journey to Being Agile," Agile Korea Conference 2018

As Samsung SDS is striving to become a developer driven company and to lead the SW development ecosystem, it is holding various events for developers.

With the aim of expanding exchanges among developers, Samsung SDS held the OKKYCON 2018, hosted by Korea’s largest developer community OKKY, on October 18th.
The company also held the Agile Korea Conference 2018 (AKC 2018) at the company’s Jamsil Campus on November 23rd, under the theme of “Journey to Being Agile”.

During the conference, Agile coaches shared their knowhow and explained how they utilized Agile.
Approximately 400 participants with diverse job functions, ranging from developers to managers and planners, attended AKC 2018, proving that Agile is influencing all areas including management philosophy and beyond development culture.

At the event, Ahmed Sidky from RiotGames, who is called Dr. Agile, delivered a keynote speech under the theme: Mindset & Culture – At the Heart of a Winning Agile Transformation. The speech explained how Agile transforms corporate culture and mindset.

Overall, the conference was composed of 13 sessions under diverse and interesting subjects including: Truth and Misunderstandings of Agile Coaches; Decentralized Facilitation in Agile; and Agile Transformation – Being Agile beyond Doing Agile.

ACT (Agile Core Team) Group Leader, Hubert Shin, said, “I was able to feel the desire of various companies for innovation and change as I heard their stories about how they applied Agile.” Videos from AKC 2018 will be uploaded on Samsung SDS’ YouTube at a later date.

Attendees receiving name tags at the conference registration desk
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Conference participants freely discussing Agile during the break while enjoying refreshments
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Conference participants and Agile coaches freely discussing Agile during Lean Coffee time
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Agile Korea Conference speakers illustrated with Graphic Facilitation
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Presentation by keynote speaker Admed Sidky of RiotGame shared through Graphic Facilitation. It is useful to record the content and major scenes of a lecture or workshop using graphics; and visualizes audience members' ideas as well. What’s more, users can conveniently share discussions and lectures with non-participants. Furthermore, Graphic Facilitation draws more attention than other conference outputs. You can simply post what was illustrated using Graphic Facilitation on the wall of the lobby or lounge.
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Keynote speaker Ahmed Sidky from RioGames during the Q&A session; (right) ACT Group Leader, Hubert Shin moderating the session
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Audience members actively participating in the Graphic Facilitation lecture
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