Achieving change through collaboration.
Moving forward in step with our suppliers.

Our Track Record of Support for Partners
  • 2015~

    Leading a Culture of Collaboration

    • Discovering and nurturing solution partners
    • Providing development methodologies
    • Training to improve quality
  • 2013~2014

    Provided Stronger Support for Suppliers

    • Offered employee training and development
    • Enhanced productivity and quality competitiveness
    • Improved communication with suppliers
    • Received top grade on the Shared Growth Index (2012-2013)
  • 2011~2012

    Established a Long-term Partnership System

    • Adopted a shared growth agreement
    • Created a dedicated shared growth team
    • Received the Grand Prize for shared growth in the software industry
  • 2006~2010

    Prepared Collaboration Infrastructure

    • Created a collaborative system with suppliers
    • Founded partner councils
    • Established a technology training system
  • 1999~2005

    Set the Foundation for Stable Business

    • Enforced full cash payments for contracts
    • Provided bond and insurance exemptions for suppliers

Financial support

Working with financial institutions, we set up funds offering loans at favorable interest rates to suppliers, helping them receive credit based on our recommendations and their business performance. We also provide additional funding free of charge, particularly to support leading-edge R&D.

Technical support

Providing Samsung SDS Development Methodology
Providing Samsung SDS Development Methodology

Samsung SDS Development Methodology Open Agreement Ceremony

We share knowledge gained from 20 years of experience in the ICT field through our Innovator Methodology, providing partners with support for systematic and standardized operating methods and procedures. We also provide training and work closely with suppliers to optimize human resource allocations and improve output quality.

Boosting quality and competitiveness
Boosting quality and competitiveness

Quality Consulting for Partners

With ongoing consultation, our experts evaluate and diagnose quality levels, helping suppliers identify areas for improvement and optimize quality standards. We also provide ongoing training for systematic quality methodology and processes.

Educational support

Job Consulting
Job Fair

We provide IT training for all levels of employees, from new hires all the way to senior management, imparting practical skills and education so employees can fulfill their core job requirements.