"We create new processes that foster collaboration, concentrating our capabilities on new businesses and key platform technologies that will enhance our shared growth."

- CEO Welcome Speech at the 2014 Smart Together Forum

Forging trust through fairness and stronger ethics

Our partnerships are focused on mutual growth, and built on honesty and trust. We strongly believe in the vital importance of high-minded business ethics, and pursue partnerships with fairness and integrity by following all regulations.

- Pledging to ensure compliance and business ethics
- Strictly following our Partner Code of Conduct

Complying with the Fair Transactions Law

We comply with the Subcontractors Act, and rely on the Fairness Committee’s four major guidelines for shared collaborations.

Our four guidelines
  • Faithfully implementing the contracting process

  • Selecting and managing partners

  • Operating a Subcontractor Deliberation Committee

  • Issuing and retaining printed documents

Our efforts were recognized by the Fair Trade Commission, and we received a grade of Excellent in the Fair Transactions and Mutual Growth Agreement Implementation Evaluation.

Enhanced interactions through active communication

Strong partnerships with Smart Together Forums

Smart Together Forums

We actively encourage all parties to communicate openly. Our events include briefings on business strategies and shared growth policies, inviting CEOs of supplier companies as guest speakers, and providing tours of the Promotion Center.

Industry council meetings
(Smart Together Round)

Partner Management Policy Briefing

Our council meeting was established in 2007 to promote interaction for higher business insights, and to arrange council meetings by industry. We actively incorporate feedback into our operations for shared growth.

Regular interactive meetings with business units

We strive to share business insights with our partners and are always open to hearing their thoughts. CEOs of partner companies and team leaders are encouraged to share complaints and suggestions to enhance shared growth.