Value Creation

Expanding globally with our partners

Discovering partners with excellent solutions
Discovering partners with excellent solutions

We are committed to helping enhance our partner’s global competitiveness. Through our Solutions Fair, which is attended by c-level officers from both sides, we seek ways to cultivate joint success in new markets. It serves as an incubator and a venue for discussion on strategies for expanding worldwide.

Strengthening collaboration to expand globally

We tighten our collaboration system by working with partners inside Korea and around the world, providing outstanding solutions and services in business areas with high growth potential, such as healthcare and telecommunications.

Joint exhibitions through agencies like KOTRA

We hold IT exchange fairs to identify new market opportunities in various countries and regions, including China and the Middle East. Expanding customer relations is always a top priority as we introduce the excellent solutions and business success cases we have made with our partners

Joint R&D

We support our partners’ technological advancement, always seeking opportunities for collaborative R&D. We have created a fund with the government to support this.