Text API

API Service that Understands and Analyzes the Meaning of Sentences/Texts

Text API is a type of API that helps with the understanding and analysis of sentences and texts based on a pre-trained language model. With Summary API and TS(Semantic Textual Similarity) API being two of the first to be launched, more APIs are to be provided in the future. Summary API make a summary of a document, whereas STS API compares two texts and evaluates how similar they are in terms of meaning.




Service Architecture

  • User → Apply for service & Issue OpenAPI key → Text API
  • AI Utilization System/ML Development Environment → API call/response using a previously-issued key → Text API
Text API
  • SCP Console: Manage Authentication Key, Apply for Service, Demo, View Usage
  • Text API Management: API Endpoint, Monitoring/Metering
  • Text API Engine: Sentence Summary, Semantic Textual Similarity

Key Features

  • Supported API

    - Summary API, Semantic Textual Similarity API

  • Provide demo

    - Text API functional/performance testing through demo

  • Limitations

    - Sentence summary : Summarize sentences (200 to 1,000 characters)
    - Semantic textual similarity : Compare sentences (20 to 1,000 characters)

  • View API call status

    - View call status by API and by day/week/month
    - View the number of calls by API (All/success/error)
    - View response time for successful API


    • Billing
    • Unit price applied based on the number of calls by API
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