Smart Office (VDI service)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service to enable access with various devices from PC to mobile anytime, anywhere

Smart office environments best fitted for your business systems

Samsung SDS VDI service supports desktop, mobile and other access environments to allow smart working anytime, anywhere. Stable and high-quality service is ensured with substantial experience and know-how in IT system operation.

Major Services

Secure contactless office with VDI, as chosen by Samsung

  • Rapid resource expansion 7 days → 10 minutes
  • New PC setup 2 hours → 30 minutes




  • Smart Office optimized for domestic & global environments

    SDS VDI access from various devices ensures business continuity both in Korea and overseas. Hybrid VDI is connected to the closest region for performance while critical data is stored at SDS data centers to prevent any possible leakage.

  • Efficient, strong and customized security environments

    Restrictions on unauthorized access, policy management by group, file leakage prevention, screenshot restrictions, document print control and other high standard of Samsung are applied to offer customized security options and optimized policies.

  • Regular system diagnosis for failure prevention and 24/7 operation of dedicated team

    The Help Desk and dedicated team are in operation 24/7/365 to take immediate measures in case of failure, conduct system diagnosis regularly and offer customer self-diagnosis functions depending on access environments.




Use Cases

SDS VDI service with strong security functions

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