VMware Greenplum

Data Analytics Platform for Large Structured Data or Unstructured Data

VMware Greenplum is a massively parallel processing data analytics platform for enterprise analytics based on PostgreSQL. It can handle various data analysis workloads by supporting the processing of transaction requests and the collection of streaming data. To ensure the proper management of single instances or critical data, features such as high availability capability, read/replication, backup/restoration, patch, parameter management, auditing, and monitoring were added to Samsung Cloud Platform, thereby automating DB lifecycle management.




Service Architecture

User →RDB Provisioning(Create VM →Assign Storage & N/W→Greenplum Install)→System configuration→VPC VMware Greenplum

    VMware Greenplum
  • Master Node(VM:DB,Linux)- Segment Node(VM1:DB,Linux)(VM2:DB,Linux)(VM3:DB,Linux)↔Block Storage
  • Standby Node*(VM:DB,Linux)- Segment Node(VM1:DB,Linux)(VM2:DB,Linux)(VM3:DB,Linux)↔Block Storage

Key Features

  • Fast and secure DB creation

    - Auto-provisioning : Automatically install standard DB based on VMs of various spec
    - Provide automatic configuration of standby node and high-availability feature
    - Cluster configuration : Configure parallel processing structure for data nodes

  • Optimal for high-performance, high-volume data

    - Data distribution and parallel processing architecture offer linear scalability for analysis throughput as nodes are added
    - Analyze various external data without ETL(Extract, Transform, Load)
    - In-database machine learning feature that enables machine learning on the entire data set

  • Easy DB management

    - Monitor resource and DB status through cloud monitoring
    - Support scale-out and data rebalancing on data nodes
    - User parameter configuration : Enhance DB performance and configure security parameters
    ※ DB management features to be provided in 2024


    • Billing
    • Provided in VM package, composed of VM & DB costs
      · Without contract : Hourly charges based on the metering information of server (DB) status being ‘on’
      · With contract : Fixed monthly charges according to contract terms
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