Brity Assistant

Conversational AI chatbot for business

Conversational AI chatbot infused with business information systems

Brity Assistant is a solution for implementing AI chatbots. Through the learning of expert knowledge and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), chatbots provide optimal answers to your questions, and carry out tasks according to your commands. Brity Assistant is specialized in enterprise business processes so you can easily create digital workforces.

Major Services

  • 93% or more achieved through NLU evaluation/analysis
  • Zero cost for building informational chatbot with question-answering technology
  • 100% E2E automation of daily enterprise tasks through integration with legacy & DT Engines



Platform Architecture

A closer look at Brity Assistant

  1. User
    • A. Messenger Client Integration(Linkage with other messengers) → NUL(Understanding natural language and understanding intent) → Messenger Client Integration(Linkage with other messengers) B. Dialog Manager(Conversation flow management) ↔ APIM(External system connection) C. Dialog Manager(Conversation flow management) ↔ Chatbot Manager(Conversation design) D. Dialog Manager(Conversation flow management) → Training Center E. Chatbot Manager(Conversation design) → Training Center
    • Admin (Monitoring/History management)
Natural Language Understanding(NLU)

The module finds out the intention of natural language by utilizing various deep-learning algorithms.
With its plug-in structure, the module can quickly adopt other languages or new AI algorithms.


The module links with the corporate legacy system and manages the link through APIs.
The module can be utilized when designing a chatbot with functions that are linked to the processes of Brity RPA.

Dialog Manager

The module manages the flow and context of dialogues and supervises the overall answering policies.
By getting linked with the NLU and other various channels, the module controls and manages actual robot actions.

Training Center

The module reviews the status of the robot in operation and conducts re-learning.
By taking the recommendations of proper intentions through AI-based algorithm, the module supports the function improvement of the robot.

Chatbot Manager

This is the module to design and manage intention, sentences for learning, objects and scenario.
The module provides functions for 'admin management' and 'Manage authority'.


  • Automated learning of expertise and answering

    Through integration with various business data, Brity Assistant allows you to quickly and easily create bots. When you chat with a master bot, several integrated bots will also provide expertise to you.

  • Integration with business systems and business automation systems

    In API Store, you can integrate chatbots with various legacy systems and RPA solutions to implement E2E business automation.

  • Optimal engine for Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

    Because the NLU engine has a plug-in structure, you can flexibly apply NLU algorithms appropriate for the characteristics of your bots and expand the used languages.

  • Easy, intuitive dialog design

    The GUI-based drag-and-drop dialog design allows people to quickly and easily design dialogs. After the design, you can immediately test the scenarios and revise them.

  • Evaluation and enhancement of chatbot performance

    You can evaluate the performance of a chatbot through its rates of understanding and intervention and improve the answering accuracy through re-training based on the dialog history.

  • Integration with various messengers and voice channels

    Brity Assistant allows easy integration with various messenger channels. You can also configure and manage message templates. Brity Assistant also supports the implementation of voice bots through integration with voice call systems.

Case Studies

Use Cases

Harnessing the full potential of AI


    Recommended specifications
    • Docker

      Docker 19.03+, Nvidia-docker2-2.2+

    • Search

      Elastic Search 7.3+

    • Database

      MariaDB 10.3+, Oracle 12c+

    • Web server

      Node 8.9+

    • JAVA application server

      Zulu 1.8+, Oracle Java 1.8+

    • Operation system

      CentOS Linux 7.6+, Ubuntu 16.04+ LTS

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