Brightics Data Hub

Distributed Data Platform - Optimized Hadoop Ecosystem for Enterprise Business

Easy management for Hadoop environment that is optimized for your business needs

Brightics Data Hub provides the latest version of the open source Hadoop ecosystem to efficiently manage your data, compatibility for each service. You can manage all of it through the Web-based Hadoop Manager.

Major Services

Provides scalability and high stability based on easy and smart management capabilities.

  • Various components in Hadoop Eco Simplified installation and management
  • Commercial SW level High stability Completion of open source stability verification




Service Stack of Brightics Data Hub

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Brightics Data Hub
Brightics Data Hub Manager
Data Processing : Map Reduce, Hive, Hue, Livy, Solr
>Execution Engine : Tez, Spark
Data Operation : YARN
Coordinator : Zookeeper
Data Govemance : Atlas
Security : Ranger
NoSQL DB : HBase
Data Storage for Any Data Type : HDFS
Brightics Data Hub Manager

Brightics Data Hub Manager provides distribution and management of service applications, setting and version management for each service, recommendation of optimal setting values, integrated monitoring, clustering, etc., making it easier to build and manage the Brightics Data Hub Ecosystem.

Data Processing

It consists of Map Reduce to process large amounts of data quickly and securely distributed parallel computing, Hive to summarize / query / analyze data, Hue, Livy, Solr to manage and monitor data tasks, etc.

Execution Engine

It consists of Tez, an execution engine for data processing operations, and Spark for big data distributed processing.

Data Operation

YARN which provides management of Hadoop execution engine and resource, is included


Zookeeper, which provides distributed coordination services for various services in the Hadoop ecosystem, is included.

Data Governance

Atlas, which is for meta-based data standards and lineage, is included.


Ranger which is managed data security for Hadoop cluster, is included.


HBase, which is the most widely used NoSQL based on the Hadoop platform, is included.

Data Storage

HDFS is a distributed file system that distributes large amounts of data to multiple nodes and processes data at the same time on each node.

Awards & Recognition

Samsung SDS acknowledged by global experts

Use Cases


    • Stability for enterprise business

      It is packaged through verification and version management to utilize Hadoop distribution for business use and supports data standards and access management with Apache Atlas, Apache Ranger, etc.

    • Easy and smart management

      It is easy to install and manage optimum configurations based on the web UX. It provides version management for configuration changes. It can be managed smarter by notifying the administrator immediately when an issue occurs.

    • Provide flexible scalability

      Provides easy storage and utilization of structured and unstructured data and a flexible interface environment for customizing for your business.


    Recommended specifications
    • Data Hub Platform

      x86 server with 3 or more nodes
      -CPU: 16 cores/Node
      -Memory: 64GB/Node
      -Disk: 4TB/Node
      -Operating system: CentOS, RHEL 7.x

    • PC for platform users

      - Browser : Chrome (Version 50.0 or higher)
      - Screen resolution: 1280 x 900 (recommended)


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