Global e-Commerce

Ensure performance and availability of databases for global services

"While a global electronics manufacturer was operating a sales website that provided services to 76 countries on a public cloud, service delays occurred repeatedly due to poor performance and availability issues with the open source-based database. The client was able to successfully open a global service by installing Oracle DB on Samsung Cloud Platform's stable, high-performance Bare Metal Server product and utilizing Samsung SDS' cloud conversion technology."

Global e-Commerce


The client, a global electronics manufacturer, had built and operated a single website in a cloud environment that provided sales services to 76 countries around the world.

The client's sales website consists of a front-end system that customers directly access, a database that stores various information, and a back-end system that handles batch processing tasks, searches, etc. After converting the back-end system, which requires stability and high performance, to an open source-based database in a third-party cloud environment, there were performance, functionality, and availability issues frequently occurred, resulting in repeated delays in overall sales website.

The client considered returning to Oracle DB, which had previously been used stably in an on-premise environment, and sought to find a way to stably switch to Oracle DB, a commercial database, in a cloud environment to operate global services in a short period of time.

Ensure performance and availability of databases for global services


Various cloud products suitable for customer situation
· Equipped with a commercial database by utilizing the Bare Metal Server product, a physical resource that is not virtualized
· Applied Direct Connect and SCP Private Cloud to improve security, stability, and business processing speed

Design of Cloud Architecture for Stability and Availability
· Applied multi/hybrid cloud services tailored to customer business system requirements
· Applied Active-Active structure to enhance database availability on cloud

Cloud conversion methodology and One-Team with professional manpower in each field
· A stable transition of large-scale databases by applying systematic cloud conversion methodology
· Solving problems by responding to collaboration between CSP and MSP from business application operation to cloud architecture / development and product planning


Reducing Cloud Costs
· Converting and optimizing databases reduces costs by 10% compared to existing clouds

Improving Database Performance
· Transaction throughput more than doubled compared to existing databases

Enhancing System Availability
· Failover time reduction due to active-active structure application of database