Project Logistics

Fast and safe transportation based on a wealth of experience

We ship your special cargo with an optimal transport mode to final destination safely and quickly

Combining our long-standing experience and expertise in project logistics, we select the mode of transport that best fits your shipments. We also guarantee on-time transportation through micro-management of shipping progress on our logistics platform Cello.


  • We transport different types of cargo safely and securely by leveraging our experience, expertise, technology capability, and global network



Major Services

  • Equipment transport
    We transport your shipments sensitive to temperature, humidity, shocks or lights with special equipment to minimize potential disruptions. Our transportation strategy also helps reduce costs.
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) transport
    With our expertise in heavy and oversized cargo transport, we ship them safely, using airplanes and vessels that best fit the cargo type. Our integrated dashboard helps us ensure on-time transport.
  • Bulk cargo transport
    Using special equipment and infrastructure suited for each cargo type, we transport your bulk goods responsibly. Our global reach allows us to secure vessels right on time and provide safe transport.


Customer Support

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