• 14 DECEMBER, 2016

With the growing availability of commercial off-the-shelf mobile technology for secure communications, government agencies are charged with cost-effectively equipping their teams while choosing solutions that provide quick deployments with increased standardization and security.

Given the amount of sensitive data being accessed from mobile devices these days, there are many factors to consider when purchasing commercial mobility solutions in a classified environment. It’s imperative to think about the organizational needs before evaluating specific solutions and to ask the following questions:
• Is the commercial product certified and accredited and on the government’s CSfC List?
• Does the solution enable offline policy enforcement and quick device enrollment?
• Does the vendor and solution meet the highest levels of security to protect sensitive and classified information?

Join us on December 14, 2016, at 2 p.m. eastern to learn what features are essential to include in your mission-critical deployment. As part of this webcast, Nathan Kielman from the U.S. Navy, will offer insights into how to develop a program that addresses concerns about both security and ease of use.

Featured Speakers Include:

Yasir Aziz – Senior Director, Samsung SEA
Nick Stablein – Business Development Manager, Samsung SDSA
Nathan Kielman – Tactical Mobility Lead, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division