Accomplish more with powerful enterprise solutions at public sector costing

Empower workers with security and watch them execute

Government employees need access to various applications whether they are working in the office or deployed in the field. Meet end user expectations with industry leading solutions that protect sensitive data, while simplifying device and app management.

Major Services

  • Mission-critical security The strongest, most secure mobile standards
    Classified-grade encryption and secured-communications standards prevent leaks and vulnerabilities when internet access is uncertain. Our solutions are built for organizations with strict procurement-approval protocols, and are fully operational offline with remote provisioning, access control, and updates.
  • Manageability Control, simplify, and centralize
    Single console dashboards let you monitor IT activity, manage devices and apps, control access and authority, and quickly provision or deprovision users. Over-the-Air features can specify security policies by department, individual, and location.
  • Standardization Leverage your current platform
    Government agencies want the latest commercial sector solutions that meet stringent procurement-approval standards and stay within regulatory constraints. Our CSfC-grade solutions are compatible with different platforms, thousands of widely-used apps, and your existing infrastructure.

Use Cases

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