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Samsung conducts "XEED-LAB", an in-house venture development program, in order to pioneer new markets and create an organizational culture centered on challenge in which employees conceive and put forward their own ideas. In October 2016, the idea of "Finding desired video scenes by inputting search terms" was selected as the best idea among all the ideas proposed by the participating teams, and after 6 months of prototyping, the idea was officially approved as an in-house venture. The SDS in-house venture I'd like to tell you about today is 'chajazOOm'. After a year and a half of research and development, chajazOOm is becoming a main point of focus as we commence full-scale business activities relating thereto. Today, we will cover what kind of service chajazOOm is, what its main features are, and what the state of the service currently looks like.

What does chajazOOm mean?

ChajazOOm is a combination of 'chaja' (meaning 'to find' in Korean) + zoom (close-up, focus). The name intuitively expresses the characteristics of the media AI search service. ChajazOOm is a media (video / image) AI search solution that allows users to quickly and easily find specific scenes in real time simply by inputting search terms without having to go through the trouble of scanning a long a video from beginning to end.
ChajazOOm is a highly competitive service compared to global companies in the same industry. The following are the two main technical features of the service.

# AI-based text analysis, video analysis as well as content-related inferences
The recommendation service of Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD - a kind of VOD service that allows viewers to watch videos an unlimited number of times for a fixed monthly payment) analyzes plot lines, information on cast, title, etc. based on text. As a result, the quality of analysis results is limited due to high reliance on the amount of text information provided. In contrast, chajazOOm not only analyzes the text but also the video itself, and deduces content correlation through knowledge graphs constructed based on keywords derived from analyzing news articles, articles published on social media, etc.

AI-driven media search platform, powered by analytics & knowledge graphs

As a result, users can receive a new kind of recommendation service, including recommended videos customized to their personal preferences An example of this would be a user searching the name of their favorite soccer player and the chajazOOm service providing them with personal video recommendations such as matches in which that player played, recent highlights, goal collections, and match videos featuring the team that player plays for.

# Quick search for desired images among a large number of image repositories
ChajazOOm's AI image search engine has already been proven to be fast and accurate even when processing massive amounts of images. This is thanks to our image database management system (a fast and accurate image search solution optimized for searching image features) developed using SDS' own deep running technology and advanced image processing technology. The advantage of chajazOOm's AI image search engine is that it stores and retrieves only the image features instead of storing the images themselves, which lessens the burden of data volume.

Image Search Service - Quick search for desired images among a large volume of images

Current Status of chajazOOm Service

ChajazOOm has added an AI suggestion engine to its video content segment to improve functionality, and has verified its marketability to a diversity of potential customers who either own or distribute video- or image-based content. As a result, we have recently signed a contract with SPOTVNEWS in Korea to provide a customized video recommendation service inside of articles. Since applying the chajazOOm service, SPOTVNEWS' video play rate has increased by 2.5 times compared to before, proving that the accuracy of recommendation as well as satisfaction of viewers are of a high level.

Football fanatic Michael was watching the Paris Saint-Germain FC match yesterday when he had to take an urgent phone call. This caused him to miss Mbappé's second goal. He felt quite disappointed, but then he was able to select the goal highlight video clip that appeared at the bottom of the screen in real time during the match and he was able to catch Mbappé's awesome goal after all.

The above example explains another one of chajazOOm's services in which video clips are automatically created in real time. As such, if Over The Top (OTT - a service that provides various media contents such as broadcasting programs, movies, and education via the Internet) introduces chajazOOm's automatic clip generation service in which video clips are generated automatically in real time, users will be able to watch video clips of main scenes without having to wait, and OTT entrepreneurs will become more competitive by expanding circulation of their contents.

In addition, chajazOOm provides a service in which interstitial ads are inserted into online videos at the most optimized points. Many OTT entrepreneurs are still manually handling the insertion of ads, so for them, the chajazOOm service will be a very good fit for their business.

Hyun-Joo Jang, leader of chajazOOm CV (Corporate Venture) said, "We are planning to expand the existing platform as a service (PaaS) to software as a service (SaaS) in the private, corporate, and public sectors that require image analysis and search / recommendation services." She went on to explain that the division is contemplating new businesses in the areas of Insurtech, Smart Factory, logistics, and commerce based on AI image searching.
ChajazOOm, the intelligent video / image search platform based on AI, is expected to be born as a new fusion / hybrid service to create business opportunities, and we are anticipating the days when the chajazOOm service is widely known and revered on a global scale.

Please contact us at chajazoom@samsung.com if you have any questions about the chajazOOm service.