Brity RPA, working non-stop to liberate office workers from busy work!

What if someone who has little to no experience as a developer is suddenly asked to create a task automation scenario?
With Brity RPA, they have nothing to fear!

The ‘Activity Card Auto-filling’ feature recommends the next candidate actions (OpenExcel, OpenBrowser, etc.) to complete the task automation scenario in a predefined card format. This way inexperienced developers and employees without an IT background can easily develop task automation scenarios. Brity RPA reduces time spent developing complex task scenarios as well as unnecessary overtime!

With Brity RPA, you can even develop tasks in a VDI-based desktop environment with just a designer (task scenario development tool) installed in local environment. Thus, reduce errors and development time to enable task automation without boundaries even in a virtual environment. Go beyond automating a single task by integrating legacy systems to extend automation throughout all enterprise processes!

Find out how Mr. Cho, an ordinary office worker who is not a developer, was able to develop a task automation scenario using Brity RPA.

Mr. Cho: I have a dream!!! Narration: A dream...
Mr. Cho: Task automation?!?! What is that?!?! Help me Brity RPA, you're my only hope! Sniff Narration: ...where all office workers are freed from busy work.
Task scenario: Open browser → Access Search Engine → Enter Search Term → Chrome WaitApp... Add / Delay Add / ChromeFind Add (Click Add in Chrome WaitApp..) → Search Results Screen (Word on Mr. Cho's t-shirt) RPA Mr. Cho: Activity card recommendation? One-click auto completion? Brity RPA sure makes task automation easy! Mr. Cho's colleague: Wow! You know how to do this? Narration: A dream where anyone can easily create automated tasks. -Activity card: Provides each activity to set up the tasks automation scenario in a predefined card format (OpenExcel, Open Browser, etc.)
Development tool screen : VDI web within local web Mr. Cho: Now you can develop tasks in a VDI environment. Accurate object detection reduces errors and development time. Task automation for VDI has never been easier! Narration: A dream where task automation is not limited in virtual environments. -VDI : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure -Object detection: Task objective that needs to be executed in the task automation scenario
Scenario map: TASK 1 → CRM → TASK 2 → Decision making → (Y) ERP / (N) TASK 3 Mr. Cho: Go beyond single task automation! Automate all enterprise processes! It also integrates with legacy systems! Brity RPA (Brity RPA working with ERP, CRM, SCM folders) Narration: The dream of infinitely expanding the realm of automation. -Legacy System: Existing company management systems such as ERP, SCM, PLM
Narration: Making automation easier for all users. Mr. Cho: I have a dream!!! To make automation smarter with AI! No more unnecessary overtime!
Mr. Cho: What can make this dream a reality? Brity RPA! Narration: A dream to give office workers their lives back!
Narration: I have a dream...of a world without busy work! Brity RPA: Oh...There's nothing I can do about this... Mr. Cho's boss: It looks like you could use some more work… Mr. Cho: Just as I was getting ready to leave…

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