Global Supply Chain

Differentiated 4PL services based on the latest IT

We provide 4PL services, covering not just logistics operations but consulting and innovation, too

We innovate your logistics by offering comprehensive logistics services that cover all areas of logistics, including not only air/sea/rail & road transport, warehousing and customs clearance, but assessment & consulting, industry-specific strategy development and tech-enabled value-added services as well.


  • IT-driven, advanced logistics services offered by best-in-class experts



Major Services

  • Comprehensive logistics outsourcing
    By outsourcing all logistics operations of our customers, we make our global sites more connected and create synergies. Also, our single contact point enables an efficient logistics management.
  • Logistics assessment & consulting
    With the assessment toolkit created based on our experience and know-how in global logistics operation, we analyze your end-to-end logistics process and system to help improve operational efficiency.
  • Activities for innovation
    Our experts perform a range of activities to innovate your logistics, including operation optimization and strategic planning. We also provide value-added services to help you grow your business.
  • Global risk management
    At our Global Control Center (GCC), we monitor your shipments and track them in real time by transport mode. When problems occur, our Global Control Tower (GCT) is activated for effective response.


Customer Support

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