Industry-specific logistics services

Differentiated logistics services developed with our extensive experience and IT capability

With our expertise in logistics and IT, we offer services tailored to the needs of your industry

As we offer IT services for the last 30 years, we have accumulated insights and know-how about a range of industries. With our years of experience and sector-specific solutions on our logistics platform Cello, we provide logistics services that are best suited for your industry. Experience the difference Cello makes.

Major Industries

  • High-Tech Safe transport of high-value goods in a complex global trade environment
    As global supply chains become more complex and safety & environmental risks grow, it has become more difficult to transport high-value, high-tech goods. We help you develop a SCM strategy best suited for you and ensure a safe storage and transport of your goods by adopting advanced technologies.
  • Automotive Global supply chain and logistics operation
    In automotive logistics, getting the right parts at the right time according to production plans is the key. Our system-based production management helps you meet lead time. Our automation solution Brity Works helps reduce manual errors. We provide various services for automotive businesses.
  • Retail/CPG Logistics services for both online and offline retail channels
    As demand for B2C online retail grows around the world, the complexity of retail/CPG logistics is also increasing. Now, Samsung SDS provides IT-enabled logistics solutions specific to retail/CPG, such as blockchain traceability and contactless delivery, to help you meet growing consumer needs.
  • Battery/Dangerous Goods Safe and reliable logistics services
    Shipping dangerous goods safely requires strict compliance with different regulations in different countries. With its extensive logistics experience in a range of industries, Samsung SDS ensures safe and secure transport by following SOPs and required shipping and customs processes in the country.
  • Heavy Industries & Construction Extensive experience in project logistics & IT-driven micromanagement
    Project logistics requires deep expertise in handling heavy and large shipments. With our years of experience, we transport your heavy and large cargo safely and on time. We suggest the right solutions by using route optimization and help you gain integrated visibility into your shipments.
  • Healthcare Cold chain logistics for healthcare products & real-time shipment monitoring
    Healthcare logistics requires sophisticated capabilities to meet growing requirements on quality management, fraud prevention, and others. Pharmaceuticals, in particular, need not only cold chain but real-time monitoring too. We provide advanced healthcare logistics with Cello Trust and Cello IoT.

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