Global CDN

Delivers Content Securely and Quickly Using Global CDN Infrastructure

Using edge servers distributed around the world, Global CDN ensures safe and fast delivery of static content stored on a web server or object storage for end users. In addition, it protects the origin server by distributing load during traffic surges, while at the same time provide a fast, reliable web services by downloading content from nearby edge server.




Service Architecture

    • Samsung Cloud Platform
      Origin Server (VM/VPC) - DMS - Object Storage
  • Samsung Cloud Platform → Internet → Global CDN → (Caching) → (Multiple) Edge Server → User

Key Features

  • Configuration for the origin server/content

    - Configure the location and route of the origin server
    - Configure cache key to check the validity of the origin content

  • Configuration for caching

    - Configure cached content policy and cache expiration time
    - Once the content expires (reaches the TTL), purge the content cached on the edge server

  • Contents protection

    - Communication with the origin server using HTTPS protocol makes the content communication path more secure
    - Robust security feature of Global CDN guard the contents and user against DDoS/web-based attacks


    • Billing
    • Combined monthly price for CDN service
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