[Press Release] Samsung SDS, to strengthen Big Data Analytics Business

The picture of Samsung SDS building

- Will increase distribution of Samsung SDS’s big data analytics solution, ‘Brightics’
- Agrees to cooperate in customer sector of data analytics with SAS Korea, a global leader in data analytics
- Plans to expand business in domestic and overseas market outside of the Samsung Group

Seoul, Korea – August 23, 2016 – Samsung SDS, a global IT service company and affiliate of the Samsung Group, is expanding its big data analytic business.

Samsung SDS announced that the company will magnify its self-developed analytical solutions and cooperate with global companies. Also, based on business experience with the Samsung Group, Samsung SDS plans to expand its business abroad.

Samsung SDS accumulated a long time experience of managing and analyzing data of Samsung affiliates across all sectors including manufacturing, financing, etc. Following that, Samsung SDS developed, ‘Brightics,’ an analysis platform that has high-performance analytic functions last year January.

This platform has achieved tangible results being applied in the manufacturing and logistics sector of Samsung affiliates. The platform performs quality and yield analysis, defect detection, diagnose of equipment etc. When applied to manufacturing companies like Samsung Electronics the analysis time of each task was drastically reduced to around 20 minutes.

In the logistics area, Brightics and Samsung SDS’s self-developed logistics platform, CelloPlus combined provides risk prediction solutions to minimize damage in emergency situations.

Samsung SDS has experience of minimizing the damage by providing a bypass path when there was an explosion in Tianjin, China last year August through data analytics based on risk monitoring.

Also, Samsung SDS partnered with SAS Korea, a global data analytics firm, to build a new analysis system that benefits both seller and customer.

Samsung SDS developed a machine learning based inference engine that supports sales representative to recommend products to customers and provide professional consulting to those clients through big data analytics.

Now with Samsung SDS’s big data analytics capability and infrastructure along with SAS Korea’s experience of managing 80,000 global customers both companies will be able to provide high quality services based on big data analytics.

Both will review business potential for machine learning, and continue to exhume plans to double the synergy of this partnership.

WonPyo Hong, President of Samsung SDS’s Solution Business commented “Samsung SDS strengthen its analytical capabilities by working with Samsung affiliates in the manufacture, finance and logistics sector and now provides excellent data analytics solutions. We will continue to create partnership with global analytics firms like SAS to expand Samsung SDS’s big data analytics business.”

  SAS(www.sas.com) is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, 
  SAS helps customers at more than 80,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world