Samsung SDS Unveils Generative AI Services “FabriX” and “Brity Copilot” to Drive Hyperautomation in Corporate Business

+ Brity Copilot, a solution automating common corporate tasks
∙ Improves work productivity and efficiency through the generation of subtitles, translations, and minutes of meetings in real time, let alone summaries of messenger conversations and email drafts
∙ Reduces the time required for writing meeting minutes by more than 75% and for creating email summary/draft by over 66%
∙ Takes business automation to another level through linkage with Brity Automation

+ FabriX, a platform enabling one-stop connection between generative AI and existing systems
∙ Links generative AI with a wide range of data, knowledge assets, and business systems within companies
∙ Offers accurate responses based on high-performance LLM for enterprise use while assuring high scalability as well as stable and efficient GPU services

On May 2nd, Samsung SDS held the “Media Day” event at Samsung SDS Campus (Global Headquarter) to officially announce the launching of its generative AI services “FabriX” and “Brity Copilot.”

At the event, the company unveiled its business strategies for generative AI services, with the key aim of providing customized services to its enterprise customers based on ▲ generative AI service platform FabriX, ▲ Brity Copilot deploying generative AI for intellectual tasks in common business processes such as email, meetings, messaging, and document management, and ▲ Brity Automation embedded with RPA/BPA automation solutions and generative AI features.

Sungwoo Hwang, President & CEO of Samsung SDS, stated, “With the official release of FabriX and Brity Copilot, Samsung SDS will actively support the hyperautomation of corporate business.” He also stressed that “the innovation of generative AI services has begun across companies, following the AI innovation in Samsung smartphones, TVs, and home appliances that has satisfied the needs of consumers.”

Hwang added, “In the near future, Samsung SDS will be able to offer Copilot across all of our services and solutions.”

Brity Copilot automating common corporate tasks with generative AI

Brity Copilot is a service that applies generative AI to “Brity Works,” a collaboration solution supporting common business processes such as email, messaging, meetings, and document management that are frequently carried out within companies.

With Brity Copilot, companies can enhance efficiency of in a wide range of corporate tasks, based on the solution’s ▲ real-time subtitle (in Korean/English) and translation (13 languages) feature recognizing the voice of presenters during video conferences, ▲ offering of a script containing the entire content of a meeting, ▲ generation of meeting minutes and action plans, ▲ summarization of communication in email/messenger, and ▲ creation of email drafts.

What’s notable is that the solution’s the real-time subtitle and translation feature touting high accuracy (94%) in recognizing Korean voice allows for clear communication between different languages without a professional interpreter, which is expected to be especially useful for companies engaging in global business.

Brity Copilot can be linked with various kinds of large language models (LLMs) as needed, and can provide private cloud environments for customers.

Samsung SDS is already utilizing Brity Copilot in its work by launching a pilot service for around 10 thousand employees, which has led to a 75% reduction in the time required for writing minutes and 66% of time saved for creating email summaries and drafts.

The company plans to seek additional ideas for improvement needed in the field and reflect them on the service, while broadening the scope of features so that Brity Copilot can also be used in Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

On the day, Samsung SDS also unveiled Brity Automation and performed a demo of it being seamlessly linked with Brity Copilot.

Brity Automation is a hyperautomation solution that automates the entire process of corporate business by incorporating generative AI with work process automation solutions including RPA and BPA.
Evolving beyond the existing approach of automating mostly simple, repetitive tasks, the solution allows for a novel way of automating business through collaboration between humans and AI in an array of complex business processes in various core systems based on natural language communication.

Haegoo Song, Executive Vice President and Leader of Solution Business Division at Samsung SDS, stated, “The integration of Brity Copilot and Automation will take corporate business automation to another level, which will bring about a true hyperautomation of corporate business, in addition to improvement in work productivity.”

FabriX allowing for one-stop connection of generative AI with existing data and systems

FabriX is a cloud-based generative AI service platform that links generative AI with corporate IT resources including data, knowledge assets, and business systems to allow for convenient use and sharing of such resources by employees.

Deploying LLMs tailored to each company, FabriX can learn industry-specific terminologies or data and be applied to key business systems already used by companies including sales, purchase, logistics, and management support systems in Copilot mode. Employees can also use the “Chat” service to ask questions about work, while FabriX offers answers to them with high accuracy using internal and external data of companies in a conversational manner.

Moreover, FabriX ensures a robust level of data security through security systems such as keyword filtering and data/user authorization based on Samsung Cloud Platform (SCP), thereby addressing security–related concerns in the use of generative AI services.

Samsung SDS highlighted that FabriX can be a one-shot solution to companies’ concerns in adopting generative AI services, such as ▲ whether LLMs can be customized to the needs of each company, ▲ whether fast-changing generative AI technologies can be easily applied to businesses, and ▲ whether the cost for GPU service can be reduced.

In particular, the company also provides an efficient GPU service that supports stable use of FabriX by a large number of employees as well as data learning.

Scott HJ Koo, Executive Vice President and Leader of Cloud Service Business Division at Samsung SDS, said, “FabriX is Korea’s largest generative AI service platform for enterprise use that is currently used by nearly 100 thousand people.” He added, “Samsung SDS will continue to seek systematic enhancements to the platform and develop it into a differentiated generative AI service platform that is customized for each company.”