Better customer experiences and rosier bottom lines

Customers want fast, convenient shopping experiences. Retailers want improved results. Nexshop solutions help improve the entire customer journey from pre-purchase engagement to transaction. From targeted promotions to employee training or improving operational efficiency, Nexshop technologies let retailers understand, influence and manage customers better.


Reach every customer touchpoint

Using effective omnichannel strategies lets retailers deliver consistent customer experiences in all venues: brick & mortar, web, mobile, catalogue, call center, and physical displays such as kiosks and pop-up stores. Reach specific audiences using data analytics, and tailor the customer experience within a holistic omnichannel strategy with Samsung Nexshop.

Employee Training and Retention

Give employees the tools they need

Employees are key to driving retail success, both for revenue and customer experience quality. Nexshop Training can help reduce costs for onboarding and training, helping new employees become more effective at delivering accurate, up-to-date and detailed product information to customers.

Interactive Marketing

Better insights, more customers

To maximize customer traffic and sales, retailers need insight and the tools to act on it fast. Nexshop Behavior Sensing gives retailers analytic tools can tailor everything to target customers better, from the product mix to promotions, and even store layouts. The benefits? More visitors and revenue, a competitive service experience, and reduced operational costs.

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