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Nexoffice optimizes work efficiency with a powerful integration of four key enterprise collaboration tools: secure instant messaging, file sharing, and corporate e-mail and calendar services. Nexoffice is being used at Samsung around the world, proven to deliver maximum grade security with biometric authentication. All suite elements are fully integrated, and compatible with a variety of platforms and legacy systems.

For collaboration

Seamless communication

Optimizing work environments and ensuring ease-of-use are our top priorities. For example, our suite lets you turn on web conferencing while messaging your colleagues. You can also instantly download files from the cloud to attach in an e-mail. Nexoffice facilitates open communications and makes workload management more efficient.

For security

Multi-layered security

Nexoffice uses S-RTP encryption for all transfers and anything saved goes to our SSL-certified facilities. Shared or downloaded files are IRM-protected and accessible only with biometric authentication. It can prohibit copy-and-pastes, screen captures, and printing. Users can block unauthorized access and track confidential files with the Audit Trail feature.

For convenience

Outstanding compatibility

Nexoffice automatically syncs with older legacy systems including ERP, CRM and PLM so data transfers are a breeze. Also, all solutions are compatible with multiple devices and platforms, guaranteeing that your new system is up and running in no time.

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